Organizational Effectiveness Consulting

We are committed to a systems approach to organizational effectiveness. Learning does not stick and change does not take hold unless there is a strategic, integrated, and consistent system that reinforces the change and learning. At Leadership-Link, we have consulted with clients to build success profiles for individual positions, validated competency models for development and assessment, performance management systems and tools, effective hiring processes, professional interview practices, on-boarding programs, performance dashboards, and organization re-design. Our goal is to view the system, as it relates to the company’s mission and vision, core values, and project goals.

If you approach your organization as a system, your whole will be greater than the parts.

Leadership-Link Team Meeting Facilitation


There are times in the cycle of team development that require a full team or the leadership of a team to go ‘off the grid’, out of the regular work cycle to re-group, re-energize, and re-establish team alignment. To allow full team participation in the content and purpose of the meeting an outside facilitator can bring great value to the process.

We have facilitated team offsite meetings in a variety of contexts and with varied goals in mind. See below for a sampling of our work to-date knowing that we can customize any session for your full team or leadership team!

Team and Team Leader coaching can be valuable before, during and after any team meeting. Review a sample list of Team Off sites.

Leadership-Link Learning Program Design and Development

The Leadership-Link leadership team has extensive formal education and years of experience in instructional design, adult learning, and program development and facilitation. We can design any program for your organization, with the support of your subject matter experts. We have designed, developed, and delivered programs that are in-person sessions, virtual sessions delivered via webinar technology, asynchronous online programs, and eonline-learning programs. We have a full team of instructional design, graphic design, and program development talent available for your custom project.


Past custom development projects include new hire onboarding, sales leader training, recruiting and hiring, technical skills and concepts, facilitation skills, conflict, decision-making, interviewing, performance management conversations, difficult conversations, influence without authority and others.

See our Teams in Motion™ Workshops Here.

See our Leaders in Motion™ Workshops Here.

  • "Eileen Habelow has been a tremendous business partner and consultant to my company over the past few years. I have witnessed first hand her meticulous attention to detail, professionalism, and ability to steer managers and executives towards one common goal. She has very astute business instincts and is very strong in the area of design, development and implementation of training programs. She is a trusted business partner and someone I will continue to work with for many years to come."

    Chris M. Chief Culture Officer
  • Dr. Habelow is clearly one of the best conceptual thinkers I’ve experienced across my career. She understands the why, the how, and the now.

    Jim L. Chief HR Officer
  • "Eileen is a rock star! She is truly one of the most talented and creative training professionals that I have had the pleasure to work with. Spend five minutes in a brainstorming session with her and you will see what I mean. As a partner and collaborator, there is no one more wonderful to work with than Eileen. She has been an incredible teacher, mentor and friend for the past 6 years. Her passion for people and learning is evident in everything she does. She is a master at putting together comprehensive programs that incorporate a variety of best practice training methods, resources and vehicles to appeal to different learning styles. And she has this amazing ability to take the needs of a particular group, identify targeted training goals and construct a customized and memorable model that makes the learning come alive for participants. The feedback we receive from clients always attests to the fact that she knows how to achieve measurable results through innovative training strategies. It’s too bad we can’t clone her because we need more talent like hers to help organizations achieve better results through talent development solutions."

    Cindy F. Director of Training & Client Services
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